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1100 W Olive Ave,   Fullerton, CA 92833
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Junior High Success & Academic Support

The transition to junior high can be difficult for many students as they face changes in three key areas:
Academic Changes:
- Moving from single classroom with one teacher to following a bell schedule with multiple classes and teachers
- Learning to manage workload and expectations of multiple teachers
- More challenging academic curriculum
- Learning necessary study habits and skills for academic success
Physical Changes:
- Rapid physical growth and growth spurts
- Changes in brain development that allow for more abstract thinking
- Onset of puberty and hormonal changes
Social/Emotional Changes:
- Larger campus setting with new classmates from other elementary schools
- Changes in friendships and navigating new social circles
- Desire for peer approval 
- Becoming a teen and subsequent changes in family dynamics
No wonder the junior high years are challenging! The Nicolas Counseling department is here to help you and your child with the transition from elementary school to junior high and from junior high to high school. The junior high years pass quickly, but are critical in preparing students academically and socially for high school. 
Some important habits for students to develop are:
* Writing down assignments in the student planner in every class
* Bringing a charged iPad to school daily
* Having a regular time and place to do homework
* Keeping backpack and homework binders clean and organized
* Checking PowerSchool regularly for current grades and missing assignments
* Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night
* Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch
Students can make an appointment to see a counselor by scanning the QR code below and completing the appointment form!
Parents can make an appointment by contacting the appropriate counselor.
Mrs. Hsieh, School Counselor
714.447.7775 ext. 307
Mrs. Gustin, Mental Health Counseling Specialist